Your health and happiness are VITAL.

That's why we created the VITAAL Program just for you.

Your health and happiness are VITAL.

That's why we created the VITAAL Program just for you.

Living on autopilot feels easy because you do it without intention or extra effort. 

But it's not Authentic living, and deep inside you know that's what you want.

Shift from Autopilot to Authentic Living

Are you fulfilling all the “shoulds” but ultimately uninspired by the life you’ve landed in?  Instead, show up for yourself and those you love with wisdom and intention.

Are you defined by chronic pain, weight gain, fatigue, rising glucose levels, cholesterol or blood pressure?  Instead, lovingly embrace your mind and body to meet the challenges of aging with curiosity and ingenuity.

Have you cultivated unhealthy habits to escape negative thoughts, anxiety or loneliness?  Instead, protect and nourish your precious life with mindfulness and positivity.

Do you feel shame for your imperfections and failures or people-please for acceptance and validation?  Instead, practice self-compassion, self-pleasing and self-acceptance.

What is the VITAAL Program?

A 12 week container of wrap-around support focused on developing YOU.

  • One 90 minute deep dive to explore your current circumstances and create your vision
  • Ten 45 minute coaching sessions to systematically determine the actions necessary for the change you desire
  • The Jaia Life VITAAL online Workbook
  • Access to our signature Mindset Mastery Worksheets and exercises


Having your own unique vision for your personal health and happiness.


Your true identity built upon the solid foundation of your core values.


Trusting in your ability to listen to and follow your inner knowing.

Your ability to respond to your unmet physical & emotional needs.


Developing a positive attitude as the antidote to overwhelm and hopelessness.


Intentional daily choices leading to personal fulfillment.

The Jaia Life experience:

Your Jaia Life Coach connects with you via our secure client portal. The portal is accessible online from any location and also on your phone via a dedicated app.

Joining the meeting is as easy as clicking a button and can be done from anywhere.

The app is also your “one stop shop” for scheduling, goal tracking and recording your observations and experience. In addition, this is how you access our signature Coach-in-Your-Pocket service. The ability to message your coach daily provides you with encouragement and support when and where you need it.

We are always by your side!

"We don't have to do all of it alone. We were never meant to."

~ Brene Brown