Are you ready for change NOW?


Did you know working with a coach can lead to sustainable transformation?  It's true!

But sustainable transformation can only occur when you are READY for it.

You are ready for coaching, and therefore lasting change, when your current behavior and habits do not support your wellness vision and your core needs are chronically unmet. When this occurs, you KNOW, deep in your heart, that successful change will never come, until you make a SHIFT.

But how do you even start?

  • TAKE the Jaia Life Coaching Readiness Assessment.
  • SCHEDULE your free 40 minute VITAALITY Call with Barb or Sheri.
  • EXPERIENCE a mini-coaching session.
  • DISCOVER how ready you are for transformation.
  • DECIDE if we are the right partners for you.

There is absolutely no obligation to continue with our services and no fee for this service. We want to meet you where you are and support you when you are ready.

Being here demonstrates you know you need a CHANGE. You are only 6 questions away from BEGINNING your wellness journey!

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