Get better sleep during menopause

By Sheri Mateo | September 21, 2021

It’s not just you! It really is harder to sleep during menopause.⁠ Lack of sleep doesn’t exist in a vacuum. It has a huge impact on your entire life!  Inadequate sleep… impacts your moodexacerbates memory loss, focus issues, and stressincreases cravings for sugar and carbsincreases risk of anxiety and depressioncan cause cortisol levels to spike…

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Why can’t I get healthy?

By CJ Howard | July 15, 2021

We hear you. You’ve struggled. You’ve tried every tip and trick out there to “get healthy”. But what does getting healthy really mean to you?  Is it what your doctor told you you need to be? Or what your best friend or sister said you should do?  What about the advice your yoga teacher gave…