"Tell me what it is you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?" 

~ Mary Oliver

will you nurture your health & vitality or settle for living on autopilot?

"Tell me what it is you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?"

~ Mary Oliver

will you nurture your health & vitality or settle for living on autopilot?

Now, more than ever, you KNOW the value of your health and happiness is priceless. There are no shortcuts to fulfillment. AND yet...

  • You spend time and money on products and programs that promise real results that never last.
  • Your doctor, neighbor, & best friend give you great health tips but you just can't seem to follow through.
  • You don't have time to take care of yourself when you’re so busy taking care of everyone else.
  • You're stuck in regret for what you haven’t done and overwhelmed thinking about what you need to do to create the change you crave.
  • Just when you have it all figured out, life throws a curve ball and you're back at square one.


Your mindset is a vital sign that's increasingly important as you age.
You can improve your mindset to improve your health.

We'll show you how.

We’re proud to be coaches who were nurses first.

With decades of experience working in healthcare, we come to coaching with compassion, professionalism and an appreciation for practices that work. Our coaching skills uniquely qualify us to be the change agents YOU need to transform your life.

Committing to caring for yourself is NOT a radical move. It's essential to your health and happiness. We created the VITAAL MethodTM just for you!

The VITAAL MethodTM is a pathway toward sustainable life-enhancing behaviors that focuses on these key values:


Own your purpose and plan for health and personal fulfillment.


Throw out the "shoulds" and live according to your foundational values.


Believe in your reliability, strength and authenticity.


No more settling! Live intentionally, guided by your values and purpose.


Create a growth mindset fueled by curiosity, positivity and flexibility.


Empower yourself with evidence-based skills for healthy living.

Wondering whether you could improve your wellness with Jaia Life's VITAAL MethodTM?

Take our online assessment to learn valuable insights about which areas of your life need caring and focus at this time. Discover whether NOW is the right time for you to make the changes you know you need and want.

What clients are saying:

VISION: For my life to feel more balanced in my roles and interests allowing for continued growth.

"Help with creating a plan to help me create my vision was what drew me to work with a JAIA Life coach. I was hoping for a sounding board as well as direction on how to manifest more of what I envisioned for my life. Barb has been an excellent facilitator for that. She has presence and skill that enable her to both listen receptively as well as guide intuitively."

Carly (44)

Wife, Mother & Nurse
VISION: Prioritize my health, nurture my relationships, and deepen my artistic practice.

"One of the best parts of coaching was addressing my fears about menopause and growing older. Sheri helped me become proactive about my health and relationship goals and skillfully guided me in choosing weekly steps to attain them. Her open and accepting demeanor made the weekly zoom sessions incredibly nurturing and affirming. I now have a clear vision of what matters most to me--my health, family, art & service--and have vital tools to enrich my life."

Dana L. (54)

Educator, Poet, & Multi-disciplinary Artist
VISION: To maximize my health and strength, while balancing a demanding work and family life with creative pursuits.

"Sheri helped me realistically focus my actions to reach my goals. Her insightful questions and suggestions honed my vision and helped me acknowledge my own strengths. Jaia's coaching process has proven invaluable to maximizing my health and life plans. I believe this process will result in lasting personal change"


Nurse-Midwife, writer, mother, daughter, & life juggler